Accidental Synergist

Accidental Synergist_master.jpg

"Because the rooted vegetation cannot get from one place to another to procreate, all the insects, birds, and other creatures are given drives to cross-circulate amongst the vegetation; for instance, as the bee goes after honey, it inadvertently cross- pollinates and interfertilizes the vegetation. And all the mammals take on all the gases given off by the vegetation and convert them back to the gases essential for the vegetation. All this complex recirculatory system combined with, and utterly dependent upon, all the waters, rocks, soils, air, winds, Sun's radiation, and Earth's gravitational pull are what we have come to call ecology.

As specialists, we have thought of all these design programmings only separately as "species" and as independent linear drives, some pleasing and to be cultivated, and some displeasing and to be disposed of by humans. But the results are multiorbitally regenerative and embrace the whole planet, as the wind blows the seeds and insects completely around Earth.

Seen in their sky-returning functioning as recirculators of water, the ecological patterning of the trees is very much like a slow-motion tornado: an evoluting- involuting pattern fountaining into the sky, while the roots reverse-fountain reaching outwardly, downwardly, and inwardly into the Earth again once more to recirculate and once more again__like the pattern of atomic bombs or electromagnetic lines of force. The magnetic fields relate to this polarization as visually witnessed in the Aurora Borealis."

R. Buckminster Fuller. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking